Monday, January 19

Misconceptions About Communication - REMIX!!!

Communication does not require complete understanding
Indeed... In this fast-paced metropolis we all live in, usually, one does not have the time to chit-chat it up with someone. Everyone must find a way to communicate as short yet as meaningful as possible. For instance, when I tell someone to "beat it," he should interpret it as "get outta here." I wouldn't expect him to dance to Michael Jackson's Beat It, that'd be odd.

Communication is not always a good thing
I concur! We all need our space sometimes. People can't just keep strangling you for your projects or Human Com Blog Entries. We all need to relax and reflect by ourselves on life and its wonders. Another reason why we shouldn't always communicate is because we learn to miss the other person and long for her/him. That way, we would care for them some more because of their lack of presence.

Meanings Rest In People, Not In Words
We are all pods filled with thoughts and emotions. We all think and feel in relatively the same way. Whenever we say something to someone, he/she understands it. Because of our rampant emotions, sometimes, the person misinterprets the message and thinks something else. Therefore we should always be careful about the things we say, for words are more powerful than we think.

Communication Is Not Simple
Quite true... we should always remember to use the right words at the right time. We can't curse a lot when we're with our parents and we should always listen in classes such as Human Com! If you don't understand it, then simply ask a question. No harm in trying.

YES! done... Rock & Roll :)>-

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